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Anonymous asked:

how do you just let someone go? i'm in a situation where a guy i really like who's friends with me is leading me on just to be a dickhead again and break my heart and its been broken at least 6 times already. i just want to let him go but my fucking feelings get in the way and i cant control anything and i end up crying for hours over it. i think its because i dont put my trust into many people and it really fucking hurts when they betray you. plz help ily kari


You let someone go by…letting them go?

He doesn’t seem to value your friendship or your feelings at all if he willingly leads you on and therefore does not deserve your love, friendship or any of the tears you’re crying for him.

Get distance. Destroy all hope that there could ever be a future with you two. No Daydreams, no fantasy, just the cold truth that there most likely will not be a future in which you both are together.

I know, it’s going to hurt a lot and it’s going to be really hard, but in this situation you just have to put yourself first and walk away.

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